Converse’s Classic | Wear ’em white for Spring


Vintage 1950’s Chuck Taylors.


You would be hard pressed to find someone that flat out doesn’t like the look of this Converse classic. They are iconic. They embody something that is at the very core, American. First released in 1917, Converse’s All-Stars were aimed at basketball players of the time. Soon after production began, salesman and player, Chuck Taylor redesigned the shoe. The classic version’s that we know today (high top and low) were an amalgamation of designs from the 1920’s until after World War II. It wasn’t until 1957 that the “Oxford” version of the shoe was released. You can buy them in all different sorts of colors and combinations ala Punky Brewster, but they seem to make much more of a statement when worn in a classic, relaxed style as displayed here by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.



Hunter S. Thompson


Hunter S. Thompson


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